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Various Artists

Hidden Beach Recordings presents Hidden Hits Vol. 1

$ 10.00 (N)
01. Myron: Free
02. Trek Life: Wonderful
03. Tori Alamaze: Goin' Fishin
04. Critically Acclaimed & Kev Brown: Wallflower
05. Jamal: Oh No
06. United Soul: He Don't
07. Kipper Jones: Better
08. Wonderful: Interlude
09. Trek Life: Running
10. Jamal: Playa
11. Carmen: Ain't No Time
12. Aquila: Life
13. Cy Young & Kev Brown: Young World
14. Quinn: I Ain't The One
15. Destinne: C'est Dur
16. JR: I Choose You
17. Wonderful: Outro
18. Rosie Gaines: I can't get you off my mind
19. JR Feat. Mike Phillips: Wonderful and Special
Description :
2003 Hidden Beach Recordings
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