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The Life of David Gale

$ 12.00 (U)
1. Another Bleeding Heart
2. Almost Martyrs
3. Ominous Lacan
4. Ellis (Waterside Dub Mix)
5. Pascal/Shack 2 Cell/Ominous Lacan
6. La Pena Huasteca
7. The Life Of David Gale
8. Arrest/Bitsey Runs/Hospital
9. Huntsville Epitaph
10. Media Frenzy
11. Motel/Houston
12. Just To Hear Your Voice
13. Ominous Drums/Ominous Pascal
14. Waterside
15. Dusty's Cabin/Almost Martyrs
16. Tu Che Di Gel Sei Centa
Description :
2003 Decca Records. Original Music Composed by Alex Parker and Jake Parker from the Motion Picture featuring Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet.
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