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The Hanging Garden

$ 5.00 (N)
1. Ani DiFranco- The Million You Never Made
2. Ashley MacIsaac- Ashley's Reels
3. Mae Moore- Deep Water
4. Spirit Of The West- Kiss & Tell
5. Jane Siberry- When Spring Comes
6. Holly Cole- Petals In A Stream
7. The Rankin Family- Sir James Baird
8. Meryn Cadell with Margaret O'Hara- Wash Down
9. Mary Jane Lamond- Ba Ba Mo Leanabh
10. Lori Yates- The Future Is Here
11. Deb Montgomery- The Tale
12. Aether- Half Light
13. Laurel MacDonald- Oran Na H Eala
14. John Roby- Theme From The Hanging Garden
15. Leahy- Colm Quigley
16. Wyrd Sisters- If It Ain't Here
Description :
1997 Angel Records. Slice in spine.
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