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Staying Alive

$ 25.00 (U)
1. Woman in You - Bee Gees
2. I Love You Too Much - Bee Gees
3. Breakout - Bee Gees
4. Someone Belonging to Someone - Bee Gees
5. Life Goes On - Bee Gees
6. Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
7. Far from Over - Frank Stallone
8. Look Out for Number One - Tommy Faragher
9. Finding Out the Hard Way - Cynthia Rhodes
10. Moody Girl - Frank Stallone
11. (We Dance) So Close to the Fire - Tommy Faragher
12. I'm Never Gonna Give You Up - Frank Stallone and Cynthia Rhodes
Description :
1977 RSO Records. 1983 Paramount RSO CD printed in West Germany. Condition Note: The disc has a few cosmetic scratches. These do not affect play.
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