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Delta Force 2

$ 65.00 (U)
Part 1 Orchestral Suite:
Bobby's Family Killed
Bobby Finds Dead Family
Ramone Kills El Heffe
Jose Gets The Blade
Chuck Watches Tape
The Bear Pit
Hector & Bobby Die
It Was Worth It
Cota's Fooled Them
Dead Hubby & Baby
Ramone's Death Poem
Not Today
Training Montage
'Winds Of Change' (by Lee Greenwood)

Part 2 Synthesiser Suite:
Cota's Plane Lands
Chuck Saves DEA Guys
Bridge Crossing
It's A Big One
Stranglehold Is A Go
Chuck Begins Climb
Chuck Still Climbing
Chuck & Snake
Chuck Reaches The Top
Chuck & Ramone
DEA Dummies
Bobby The Shark
Delta Force Arrival
Description :
Alhambra Records Score from the Chuck Norris Film
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